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 Decks we've designed and built.

``A well designed deck combines functionality, appeal and craftsmanship. It blends in with its environment``

multi-level deck with lattice privacy screeing

This multi-level deck has access from the kitchen and will be used to entertain.The lattice is a privacy screen to block the view from the road.The stairs were designed at an angle to enable the full privacy that the client wanted, It ties in nicely with the angles of the 2nd level deck.

dinning area on amulti-level deck showing access doors for storage below deck

This section was built large enough to accomodate a table and 8 chairs  with room to move around .Functioning as a dining area,,the angles on the deck mimicks the style of the table, We built double doors as an access for ample storage below the deck.

This is the lower level of the deck with lots of shade. Tthe client wanted an area that could be used as a meditative and reading spot, with an awesome view of the forest in  fore front . 

We designed this irregular shaped deck to work with and enhance the layout of the in- ground pool that was built at an angle. The deck was built 7 1/2`high from the concrete skiet  of the pool.

These wrap around stairs were designed so it blended in with the deck, and created an easy flow to and from the deck. We increased the width as you stepped down to create a sense of comfort and stability. This created an added sitting area. 

The client also wanted a gazebo that was open so she could “sun dry” as she called it after using the pool.

We built this Pergola and stairs on an existing South facing deck.The client wanted a sun shade that would block light and cool their kitchen.

We included this image to show how we dressed the roof and the little details we added to finish the look of the pergola,

I remember meeting with the client,standing in front of her existing falling down 10x10 deck.   ``I want a deck that has 2 seperate areas, is comfortably larger and not square, would you like a cup of coffee, show me what you come up with" I asked "NOW ?"  "Yes" and she walked in, well we built it to her specifications.

This is  a 3 season deck we built that is 12x16 with an additional open deck on the left that is 10x12. The bottom panels were insulated and so is the floor of the deck, the roof was covered with  sun tuff in grey, the windows above have a removable mesh frame. We built  2 doors on either sides, the windows you see in the bottom panels were built so their 2 children could watch the deer that occasionally wondered on to the property, and so could their 3 dogs. Built in Brighton, Ontario.

This section on the side was built for privacy and is non removable.

We included this image to show off our craftsmanship. We used  plexi glass in the window.

The client wanted a simple deck style that served two purposes, One was to house a hot tub and the other was for it to be comfortable to entertain a small group for meals or just socializing. We added extra footings to carry the live weight of a 10x10 hot tub under the Arbor and gave them a 12x12 open deck space they could use. We built 2 sets of stairs : the one you see is 4`wide and the other is on the far right set closer to the house by the arbor is 2` wide for easy access to the side door of the garage.

We built this deck with angles to break up the squareness of the house and opened the stair space to make it feel spacious. We also re- did the plumbing and attached it to the front of the deck , that would other wise have been hidden. The hose is accesible through a hinged top in the stairs. A removable grate was built to allow light through the basement window. 

This client was tired of the interlocking stone that they had and wanted it replaced with a wooden deck. To accomplish this we had to dig down 2` so we could set our frame on deck blocks to keep the frame members off soil, making sure our finished deck height was in line with the bottom of the patio door and the skirt of the pool. We added a raised deck area on the left of the patio door to give the area a sense of dimension or else it would have felt flat.